News for Thursday, January 1, 2004


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Ring in the New Year with gunfire - Billy Corriher

While many Americans are ringing in the New Year at parties or in bars, the residents of Cherryville, N.C., will welcome the year with the booming sound of exploding gunpowder.

Birth rates up in Henry, Clayton

By Greg Gelpi

Football fans ready to go bowling

By Jeffery Armstrong

Give the missionaries a chance - April Avison

You've likely seen these young men around the county. They wear suit jackets and ties, and they walk or ride bikes, even on the cold days. They wave at every passing car, and their smiles reflect genuine happiness.

Swaggart, move over for Thurmond show

By Bob Paslay

Make stupidity a capital offense - Greg Gelpi

Black-eyed peas and cabbage.

Sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll - R.H. Joseph

Loyal readers will no doubt leap with delight when informed I have had another brilliant insight into the human condition.

Resolution: veto power - Rob Felt

Lobbying is under way for a bill that would grant me the authority to veto a New Year's resolution that is currently under consideration. Some sub-committee in my brain has proposed that I disconnect my cable service in an effort to cut cost overruns and increase productivity.

New Year's Eve not my favorite

By Zach Porter

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Construction progressing at Hartsfield-Jackson

By Billy Corriher

Kay Ariel

Kay Ariel, age 66, of Jonesboro, passed away Sunday, Dec. 28, 2003.

Henry Board fires school couselor

By Michael Davis

Experiencing technical difficulties - Michael Davis

Every now and then, you have to sit back and admire the sheer complexity of living in a modern age. But, once in a while, you've got to sit back and wonder what exactly went wrong.

The life of an unheralded saint - Clay Wilson

Baptists aren't in the habit of designating saints. That's a Catholic tradition.

2003 went up in smoke - Ed Brock

It seems fitting that it was in the closing days of 2003 that my neighbor's truck should spontaneously burst into flame.

Local economy may be rising from 2003 slump

By Billy Corriher

Former police officer sentenced in indecency case

By Greg Gelpi