News for Saturday, January 10, 2004


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Area watches immigration policy closely

By Ed Brock

Entrepreneurship classes established

By Clay Wilson

Watch out for that giant 'bum' - Michael Davis

Brush away the cobwebs. Pull those little dust bunnies out from underneath the couch, the dresser, the TV tray.

Jack Ernest Warren

Jack Ernest Warren, age 83, of Greensboro, Ala. and formerly of Highland St. in Forest Park, passed away Friday, Jan. 9, 2004, at his granddaughter's home in Tuscaloosa, Ala.

Determining a person's true worth - R.H. Joseph

It has come to my attention that creativity, intellect and learning are often perceived to be synonymous. They are not.

Election-year civics lesson from Wal-Mart - Rob Felt

What is the significance of Wal-Mart's inception occurring during the counterculture revolution of the 1960s? Campus crawlers were hot in the pants to denounce our government and advance socialist ideals. Don't get the connection? What does this have to do with the presidential election and Libertarians? Here we go ?

Public access offers advantages - April Avison

Debate has sparked in the legal community about whether California prosecutors were justified in setting up a Web site on the Michael Jackson case to alleviate a media frenzy.

Viola McDonald McDermontt

Mrs. Viola McDonald McDermontt, age 98, of McDonough, passed away Friday, Jan. 9, 2004, at Cornerstone Health and Rehabilitation.

Hearing postponed in beating death

By Michael Davis

Advantages of an 8-minute jump-start - Clay Wilson

Scientists tell us that light from the sun takes eight minutes to reach Earth.

Father charged in son's battery

By Kathy Jefcoats

Mary Elizabeth Benton

Mary Elizabeth Benton, age 69, passed away Thursday, Jan. 8, 2004.

Division official in Henry is ousted

By Michael Davis

Marking the passage of a new year - Billy Corriher

I'm sure that by now, even if you're still writing "03" when you date your checks and scratching it out, many of you have already hung your new calendars up on the wall or put a new one on your desk. Calendars for the new year are always popular gifts for the holidays.

Betty Jo Murray


Bennie Irby

Bennie Irby, age 80, of Ellenwood died Thursday, Jan. 8, 2004.

Lucy Jo Stokes Cason

Lucy Jo Stokes Cason of Stockbridge and formerly of Atlanta died Jan. 9, 2004.

Mary Louise McConnell Fox

Mrs. Mary Louise McConnell Fox, age 85, of Riverdale passed away Friday, Jan. 9. 2004.

Winter's big chill

By Greg Gelpi

New Year's Eve not my favorite

By Zach Porter

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Commanding attention and respect - Greg Gelpi

For a brief moment, I existed.

Who reports abuse in schools?

By Clay Wilson

The Spirit of 2004 better than Star Wars - Ed Brock

We are on Mars. That's right, all of us, every human being, is essentially on Mars this very minute.

Peeking behind the scenes - Bob Paslay

Now that Barbara Pulliam is being called the superintendent even though she is still in the land of the cold and a month away from taking over the reins in Clayton County, it is time to pull back the curtain. Let's give you a glimpse to see how close she came to not being the new school chief.