Can't get enough of the NFL

By Jeffery Armstrong

It's a good thing I don't have DirecTV. If I did, I would never leave the house.

I was over a friend's house recently and saw the NFL Network for the very first time and I was instantly hooked. I never had it on my regular cable system and that's too bad for me.

The NFL Network is a station devoted entirely to the NFL, the best professional sports league in America. Yep, I said it. Ask any die-hard or regular sports fan and they will tell you that last weekend's NFL playoff games were great television. Pro football is a wonderful sport.

Last week, I said one of my new year's resolutions was to not get as depressed as I have been in the past after the Super Bowl since there's no NFL football anymore (and yes, the Pro Bowl doesn't count as an NFL game). The NFL Network may be my answer to getting a football fix after the Super Bowl.

I watched it recently and they showed this program called NFL Total Access, where host Rich Eisen and a panel of former and current NFL players discussed the current playoffs and other NFL news. The players talked to a current player on the Carolina Panthers football team and had a lot of fun. It was a very good half-hour television program.

The NFL Network also shows old clips from NFL Films, has great talk shows and deals with the concerns of the NFL. I'm hoping that after the Super Bowl, that network will focus on the coaching changes, the April NFL draft and what the 32 NFL teams will try to do for the 2004 season. I'm sure the NFL Network will concentrate on those topics and much more. Now if I could only find a way to splice a satellite feed?.

Great football: With all the Pete Rose crap that's been in the news lately, it was good to see some great NFL football last weekend. As I said earlier, I thoroughly enjoyed the four playoff games. All the games were intriguing and entertaining contests.

First, you had the St. Louis Rams losing to Carolina because that egotistical maniac Mike Martz became conservative and didn't go for the win at home, instead settling for overtime, where the team proceeded to lose. It is common knowledge in sports that you go for the win at home, a tie on the road. A tie on the ROAD, Martz!

Speaking of embattled coaches, get off Mike Sherman of the Green Bay Packers. He didn't go for it on fourth-and-one the second time because it didn't work the first time on the Philadelphia Eagles. I think it was a good move n if you're defense is good, you trust them. And you'd think an NFL defense would hold a team on fourth-and-26.

As far as the Kansas City Chiefs' loss to the Indianapolis Colts, they deserved to lose the way their defense played. That was the most atrocious defensive effort I've ever seen in football. Chiefs head coach Dick Vermeil should've been crying during the game instead of crying at the press conference when Chiefs defensive coordinator Greg Robinson resigned.

And now, here are my final NFL predictions: New England over Indianapolis, Philly over Carolina, Philly over New England in Super Bowl XXXVIII.

Jeffery Armstrong is a sports writer for the Daily and his column appears on Thursdays. You can reach him at jarmstrong@news-daily.com.