Two arrested in BB gun vandalism

By Ed Brock

Police have arrested two Jonesboro men in connection with a vandalism spree in which pellet guns were used to shoot out windows on more than 40 cars and two businesses.

There was no immediate estimate of damage but with the extent of damage at one business it could easily range into the thousands.

A similar spree occurred over the summer in the same general area and police are investigating any possible connection.

Hilton Albert Scott, 23, and Dustin Taylor Kashani, 18, were arrested early Sunday morning after Clayton County Police stopped them in connection with reports of shots fired in Hunter's Ridge mobile home park off Tara Road in Jonesboro, Clayton County police Capt. Jeff Turner said.

Both men have been charged with second degree criminal damage, Turner said.

Not much is known about the men at this point, but police are continuing their investigation.

"The offenders used two high power BB guns," Turner said, adding that two such guns were found in the pickup truck in which Scott and Kashani were stopped.

The incident began on Noah's Ark Road.

Around 2:45 a.m. Sunday Shell Foodmart attendant Bob Patel was awakened by a call from his boss saying that the alarms were going off at the store at 1725 Noah's Ark Road.

"I came over and found that all the windows were busted," Patel said. "All the windows were busted, not one was left."

Patel said they managed to get two or three of the windows replaced on Monday and he estimated that the total repairs would cost around $5,000.

Turner said that another business in that area was also hit. In Hunter's Ridge most of the victims were on Hunter's Ridge Drive and Falcon Crest Trail and along connecting roads in that area.

"A friend of mine, his daughter's van got the back window shot out," said Craig Miller who lives on Falcon Crest.

Miller said none of the vehicles in his driveway were hit.

"They didn't get my wife's car, thank goodness. We got lucky, I guess," Miller said.

In June more than 20 similar incidents were reported in the panhandle area, some along Camp Road in Jonesboro.

Cindy Self, a Camp Road resident, was one of the victims of that spree and her family spent nearly $1,000 in repairs to their vehicles after the windows were shot out in two separate instances.

Self described the person who shot out her windows as "a stupid person, a person with no life."

"It's a shame, you can't even park in your own driveway," Self said. "I was young once but I never did anything like this."

Turner said investigators would look into any possible connection between the sprees.