Basketball is unpredictable

By Doug Gorman

Some thoughts about this and that: I've always loved watching college basketball. To me there is nothing better than sitting on the edge of your chair watching a nail-biter go down to the wire.

I also love the fact that this year it appears anybody can win on any given night.

Take a look at this.

Georgia loses to little Winthrop University. Georgia beats Kentucky and Georgia Tech. Georgia loses to Alabama.

Georgia Tech beats Connecticut, Wake Forest and Maryland, but loses to Georgia and North Carolina.

North Carolina loses to Kentucky, Wake Forest, Maryland, FSU but beats No.1-ranked Connecticut.

Hey, a team called St. Joseph's is unbeaten and ranked in the Top 10. St. Joe's, by the way is located in Philadelphia, once a hot bed of college basketball.

Is college basketball a crazy game or what?

There is no way to explain why college basketball has turned into the highly competitive game that it is today other than to use the old-worn out term that we sports writers turned to when all other words fail?parity.

Let's face it, there no longer is just a handful of dominating teams in the world of major college basketball.

Although I firmly believe Duke is the best team in the land, I can't wait until this year's March Madness.

Coach of the Year: I don't get to cast a vote for ACC Coach of the Year, but if I did, it would go to Georgia Tech's Paul Hewitt.

Before the season started, Hewitt was trying to convince anybody who would listen that there was life after Chris Bosh, who elected to go to the NBA after one stellar season at Tech.

Most thought Tech would finish near the bottom of the ACC standings.

With a 15-3 record, Tech isn't just one of the best teams in the ACC, they are one of the best teams in the country.

Hewitt's team is loaded with depth, talent and determination. Georgia Tech basketball is once again the hottest sports ticket in town.

Super Bowl Thoughts: To be totally honest, I can't get excited about the Super Bowl. I suppose I should cheer for the Carolina Panthers in the big game. After all, I've always favored teams in the NFC.

However, it would be cool to see New England quarterback Tom Brady win his second title. Brady is only 26-years old. Some good quarterbacks spend years in the league without ever playing in one Super Bowl. If Brady wins it again, how will he top the rest of his career?

Good to see him skate: Danny Heatley has been living a nightmare for the past four months. Heatley is the young star of the Atlanta Thrashers who was driving the car that crashed and killed teammate Daniel Snyder right before the start of the season.

Heatley, the MVP of last year's NHL All-Star game, has made a miraculous recovery. Earlier this week, Heatley participated in his first full-scale practice. The young hockey star has been charged with vehicular homicide and still must work out some legal issues, but it's possible Heatley will play in the next couple of weeks.

I'm not going to speculate on Heatley's legal issue. He faces the possibility of a long jail sentence, but depending on what the D.A. decides, he may not go to jail at all.

Heatley's return to action would definitely be a miracle on ice.

Doug Gorman is the sports editor of the Daily. His column appears on Fridays. He can be reached by e-mail at dgorman@news-daily.com.