Ultimate Dream team excels in Las Vegas

From staff reports

Recently the Ultimate Dream Academy's gymnastics team traveled to Las Vegas, Nevada to compete in the Brown's Las Vegas Lady Luck Invitational held Jan. 16-18 at the Tropicana Hotel.

As the gymnasts gambled their talent among some of the top gymnastics judges in the country they prove to be at the top of their abilities.

Ultimate's level 8, Corrinne Vaughn swung unveven bars to a gold medal finish followed by teammate Danielle Jordan who maintained complete consistency on all four events and won the bronze medal in the All-Around.

Two of the biggest stories about the Las Vegas meet would have to be the success of Ultimate's level 6 and 7 teams.

Ultimate's level 6 team was made up of 6 gymnast that had previously competed level 5.

As new 6s, these gymnast proved their talent and growing success by placing 3rd in team finals just behind two of the best gyms in the country.

"Amazing," said head coach Tara Boone. "These 6s have proved to be real talent in the gym. They are young and moving very quickly. Two of the young athletes, Katie Hagerman and Kara Scott, will compete the next level in the next meet. "

As for Ultimate's Level 7 team, they rocked in Vegas. Made up of only four gymnast, just enough to compete as a team, these young gymnasts flipped, twirled and swung themselves into first place in team finals beating well known Brown's Las Vegas.

"I just cried with excitement," says head Coach Tara Boone. "They were awesome and proved that they are one of the best Level 7 teams in the country. It was an awesome feeling to see four gymnasts do so well."

Not only did this team rock in the team finals but level 7, Casey Hill, won the gold in the All-Around.

" We are very blessed to have such talent in our gym," says owner Denise Jordan. "Our gym has only been opened for 10 months and I feel that our gym has the right mix to become a national name in the future."

The Ultimate Dream Academy, out of McDonough, follows the USA Gymnastics curriculum.

Ultimate is considered a positive environment that offers structure, discipline and championship coaching.

"If you have a dream of becoming a state, regional or national champion our program can help you reach that goal," says Jordan. "I am so proud of the team athletes and their dedication to the program."