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Police have two in custody in shooting death September 4, 2015


Homicide suspected in Forest Park

By Greg Gelpi

Clayton County Police found the body of an unidentified black female laying on her kitchen floor in a pool of blood Sunday.

Nakiesha Laville called police when she went to the house at 6530 Boca Grande Blvd. in Forest Park, found a window broken and spotted Ramatoulie Demba, 48, through the window.

Investigators are withholding the manner of death, but are calling it a homicide, Clayton County Police Capt. Tim Robinson said.

Officers on the scene reported a jewelry box was open on Demba's bed, items appeared to have been moved on a dresser and a chest of drawers had been moved away from the wall and its drawers were open. She lived alone and her 2000 silver Mazda 626 with Georgia Tags 242 GWW is missing, Robinson said.

Because of the decomposition of the body, police suspect she had died long before her body was found, Robinson said.

The delay gives time for the perpetrator to devise an alibi and get farther from the scene, but shouldn't compromise the evidence, he said. The crime scene is a "fairly secure atmosphere."

Neighbor Debra Gibson did not know Demba well but described her as friendly. "She was the kind of person who would give you a ride to work if you needed it." Gibson said. Gibson also noted that Demba usually left her car outside the garage but for the past two weeks she had not seen her car in front of the house or in the garage. Although it is generally quiet on the street Gibson said, "I'm here alone late at night sometimes and I'm afraid for myself, I'm just waiting to find out what happened over there."

Friend and former co-worker at Alamo-International Car Rental Juanita Fatty said she and her husband had attempted to reach her at home twice on Saturday evening. "I rang the doorbell and no one answered," Fatty said. Demba was an Avon sales lady and Fatty had been trying to deliver an amount of $100 to her for some Avon products that Demba had sold to Fatty and one of her co-workers at the car rental. Fatty, who has known Demba for almost eight years said of her, "I know that she fought for her life cause that's the kind of person she was, I just pray to God that they catch who did this." Fatty added that Demba did not seem unlike herself or that anything in the days before she was found dead in her home and that Demba was even planning to have her mother come to visit from Gambia, West Africa.

Fatty's sister in-law Aisha Fatty spoke of the last time she saw Rama Dembu alive saying, "She came to our house for a visit Tuesday. She said I miss you guys and I wanted to say hello. We said, ?We miss you, too.'"

"I've known her for a long time," Laville said. "She was like a mother to me. There wasn't anything she wouldn't do for anyone. She was always there for me."

Laville borrowed luggage from the victim and last spoke with her Tuesday on the telephone. Laville told police she tried several times unsuccessfully since then to call Demba about the luggage and then decided to visit her Sunday. That is when she discovered the body and called police, according to reports.

Laville said she had nothing, but "fond" memories of Demba.

Miguel Cabb, who lives down the street, said the house was sold about a year ago and that she didn't "hang out in the neighborhood" much.

"I really didn't know her," he said.

There were no suspects as of Monday, but Robinson said authorities are interested in tracking down the stolen car and speaking with the driver.

(Staff member Zach Porter contributed to this story).