News for Friday, July 2, 2004


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Einstein said parallel lines meet - R.H. Joseph

Much has been made lately of China's imminent transition from a resource to be exploited by extra-national creative forces to a technologically mature locus for indigenous intellectual innovation.

Who said it first? Who really knows? - Clay Wilson

I admit it. I'm guilty. I plagiarized.

Exorcising my waistline - Michael Davis

I spelled it correctly. To me, the act of trying to stay physically active is like exorcising.

A fortune cookie and my life - Bob Paslay

It is usually only in mediocre B-movies that people have epiphanies about their lives and change them dramatically – a Wall Street broker going to Tibet to grow vegetables.

Film does good despite controversy - April Avison

You don't have to agree with Oscar-winning filmmaker Michael Moore. But it seems his latest work will command your respect.

There's no getting out of this one - Ed Brock

When I want a sense of d?j? vu I'll go back to my hometown, which is in fact where I am right now.

Beer and salt for the fish tank - Rob Felt

Black is usually the color associated with death, not translucent aquamarine blue. If your fish tank is infested with snails however, that watery blue color is the electric chair, the gas chamber and the lethal injection all distilled into one.

Jay Cloud: The racing realtor

By Anthony Rhoads

Slow down or else - Tamara Boatwright

My husband called me early Friday morning with a laugh.

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Teen accidentally shot

By Ed Brock

Barbershop lawsuit dismissed Thursday

By Ed Brock

Suspects may face murder charge

By Ed Brock

Ending the drag of cigarettes - Heather Middleton

I'm a smoker trying to become a non-smoker ? again.

Delay could impact election

By Greg Gelpi

Plagued by place of residency - Greg Gelpi

The conversation appeared to be going well.


July 2, 2004

Experience pays off

By Jeffery Armstrong

Lewis' voice steps up to plate

By Greg Gelpi

Escape suspect denied choice of attorneys

By Ed Brock