Fifth suspect arrested in Riverdale boy's shooting

By Ed Brock

The fifth suspect arrested in connection with the gang shootout that led to the death of a 4-year-old boy was out of jail on bond at the time of the shootout.

Gregory Marquay Sutton, 19, of Conyers, turned himself in on Monday in Rockdale County, Riverdale Police Chief Greg Barney said, and he will be charged with murder in connection with the June 6 shooting death of Trevon Wilson at Riverdale Park. Wilson was riding his bicycle with his grandmother near the park when shooting broke out between two groups of people in the park.

A stray bullet from the gun battle hit Wilson in the chest.

The evidence that led police to Sutton came from a March 11 incident in Conyers in which Sutton was charged with aggravated assault in connection with shots fired at an occupied house.

"(Investigators with a multi-agency task force investigating Wilson's death) linked the shells there with our shells and determined they were fired by the same gun and the same person," Barney said.

The guns in question are believed to be a 9 mm handgun and a SKS 7.6 caliber rifle, Barney said. In testimony at previous hearings members of the task force, composed of Riverdale Detectives and Georgia Bureau of Investigation agents, said the shot that killed Wilson probably came from a rifle.

Barney also said there is "some type of affiliation" between Sutton and two other suspects in Wilson's death, Christopher Emmanuel and Cori Davis, both 19 and from Conyers. The other two suspects in the case are 22-year-old Deontrez Williams and 16-year-old Xavious Cerdera Taylor.

The March 11 incident apparently started with an altercation between Sutton and another man over a woman, Conyers Deputy Chief of Police David Cathcart said. Nobody was injured in that incident and Sutton was arrested the next day.

"We attempted to recover weapons when we made the arrest but we could not," Cathcart said.

Sutton later got out of jail on a $7,500 bond on April 14.

On the day of the shooting Williams and Taylor, believed to be members of a gang known as the Hit Squad, went to meet the leader of a gang called the Southside Mafia, members of the task force said in previous testimony.

Williams and Taylor, both of whom are currently charged with felony murder in the case, were confronted by around 30 Southside Mafia members who were standing near some woods on the edge of the park. A shootout erupted between the two sides and the bullet that killed Wilson is believed to have come from a rifle and from the direction of the Southside Mafia members.

Emmanuel and Davis are members of the Southside Mafia, Riverdale Police spokeswoman Myisha Callaway said previously.

Neither Barney nor Cathcart could say if Sutton is a member of either gang.

"There was some talk of it but as far as verifying it nobody has so far," Cathcart said.

Barney said that more arrests are expected in the case.