Hearing postponed, bond set for accused shooter

By Michael Davis

A Henry County judge postponed the hearing of a woman accused of shooting at police officers during a stand-off Saturday morning.

Theresa Singletary, 42, appeared before a judge Monday on a charge of aggravated assault on a police officer resulting from the incident in which police say she shot at them as she tried to drive away from a home in McDonough.

Henry County Magistrate Robert Godwin postponed the hearing at the request of the woman's attorney. He did, however, grant a $50,000 cash-only bond.

Jail officials said the woman had not been released as of Monday afternoon.

Godwin said the woman was visibly distraught Monday when she appeared in court and her attorney, Philip Ruppert, asked for a continuation.

"I didn't understand all that she said," Godwin said Monday afternoon. "I anticipate there will be a motion to have an evaluation done of her mental condition but there has not been one yet."

McDonough police told reporters Singletary forced her way into a home on Springvale Lane around 10:30 a.m. Saturday during a heated argument with a resident there and fired three shots. No one else was home at the time and the victim was unharmed. Police said Singletary lives across the street from where the incident occurred.

McDonough police Lt. Jeff Floyd said the dispute had been ongoing and that police responded earlier in the week when the victim alleged Singletary was placing harassing phone calls to her. He said he didn't know the cause of the conflict, but that it was still under investigation.

When police entered the home Saturday, they found the victim clutching her dog. Police say they heard shots they believed were directed at them so they moved outside with the victim.

Police say Singletary went into the garage at the back of the house and fired at police. She got into the car and began backing away, "wielding the gun," and tried to drive away from the home, Floyd said.

"It was a real tense situation," he said.

The three officers returned fire, grazing Singletary's left arm. Singletary was treated at Henry Medical Center and released into police custody.

Henry County police Lt. Ken Turner said Officer Chris Fowler was placed on routine administrative leave with pay while awaiting the outcome of a GBI investigation. Floyd said the two McDonough officers were also placed on leave.

Godwin said that based on the initial facts in the case, he anticipated additional charges will be filed against Singletary before the case comes back to court.