Schools prepare to welcome students

By Greg Gelpi

Crews are cleaning, faculty and staff are setting up and students are heading into the final stretch before the start of school.

The Clayton County school system could surpass the Atlanta school system in number of students this year and the system is preparing for students' return.

While maintenance crews give schools one last scrub down, Media Specialist Vicky Adams is spending the final days before the start of school setting up the library at soon-to-be-opened Kemp Primary, the county's first primary school.

"I've spent the entire summer ordering books," Adams said, adding that the library will have about 10 books for every student. "This was just a dream for me to open up a new school."

While children are packing book bags, she has been busy packing the newly placed shelves with books.

Students can prepare for school as well. Each of the 55 county schools, including the two new elementary schools, will hold open houses.

The open houses will allow parents and students to meet teachers, learn their way around campus and view school facilities.

Parents of kindergartners will be told what their children will learn during the school year during the open house, Adams said.

The primary school is for children in kindergarten through second grades. Thurgood Marshall Elementary and a new Jonesboro Middle will also open next week.