Insurance agent shoots, kills robber

By Ed Brock

An agent at a Riverdale insurance company shot and killed one of two men who were trying to rob him.

The 48-year-old agent for All Risk Insurance was working alone at the office on Ga. Highway 85 around 5 p.m. Friday when two men entered and tried to rob him, Riverdale Police Chief Greg Barney said.

"Apparently a scuffle took place," Barney said. "The (agent) pulled out a weapon and fired."

The other suspect then ran from the scene and police were still looking for him Friday night. Barney did not release the name of the agent. Riverdale police spokeswoman Myisha Callaway said he will not be charged.

Barney said the suspect who was shot was hit in the chest. He identified both men only as black males and said the man shot did not appear to be young.

The other suspect apparently left the scene on foot.

Onlooker Andre Weaver gave the wounded man a bad prognosis.

"He must be dead, they're not hurrying up," Weaver said as he watched the ambulance carrying the man slowly pull out into traffic on Highway 85.

Weaver said he was visiting his sister, an employee at the hair parlor next door to the insurance company. The other people in parlor and he heard the shots but did not see anything, Weaver said.

"We had just walked past the door. It wasn't more than one minute," Weaver said.

Jackie Douglas of Riverdale was getting her toenails painted at Vicki's Nails on the other side of the insurance agency from the hair parlor. When she heard the shot she ran outside to see what was happening, still barefoot with sponges between her toes.

"My feet are very hot," Douglas said.

Douglas and Weaver had to join a crowd of other customers at stores in the small shopping center in which the shooting occurred who had to wait while police processed the scene.