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Drivers focus on long-term goals

By Anthony Rhoads

Freedom tower should be celebrated - Ed Brock

I figure I'll be about 46 years old when the Freedom Tower is finished.

Innocent until proven guilty? - April Avison

It seems we just don't give people a chance anymore. I guess there's no way of knowing how many people charged with a crime are actually guilty of it but it probably outweighs the number of those charged who aren't guilty.

Worth a thousand words - Michael Davis

Sometimes a picture can tell the story. In newspapers, we use photographs to lend insight into a situation or put a face to personality.

Sweet revenge for Kalina

By Jeffery Armstrong

Cheating on poll corrupts system - Tamara Boatwright

When we launched the poll on our Web sites ( and we thought this would be a good way for our readers to interact with us. We also thought it would be a decent, but certainly not scientific, snapshot of who was reading us and viewing our Web site.

What is - and isn't a sport

By Doug Gorman

The bottle rocket's red glare - Rob Felt

Warning: Do not attempt to recreate the following events. Please observe proper safety precautions when enjoying fireworks. The events described here are not endorsed by the Daily Herald, the News Daily, Community Newspaper Holdings Inc. or any of their affiliates.

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Are you serving two masters? - R.H. Joseph

Cries of outrage have accompanied the Republican Party's concerted efforts to turn conservative churches into political organizing institutions.

Threats not hampering air travel

By Greg Gelpi


July 9, 2004

Airport celebrates opening of stores

By Greg Gelpi

Veteran helps other veterans

By Ed Brock

A civil war, not a civil campaign - Bob Paslay

The words were not out of John Kerry's mouth announcing his choice for vice president when the attack machine began to try to dismantle North Carolina Sen. John Edwards.

Welcome to my driving school - Greg Gelpi

With an empty smile and a nonchalant wave of the hand, it was all OK.

New teen-driving law begins

By Ed Brock