AABCteams ready to go

By Doug Gorman

As local American Amateur Baseball Congress teams begin winding down their regular seasons, thoughts are turning to the upcoming postseason, which will again be highlighted with the city of McDonough hosting the 7-8 year-old Roberto Clemente World Series.

Starting Saturday, June 26 through July 1, AABC district tournaments will take place at various locations around the Southern Crescent for 7-8-year-olds through the 11-12-year-old age groups.

Starting July 6, Forest Park plays host to the 11-12-year-old state tournament, while McDonough plays host to the 7-8-year old state event. Also that week, the 5-6-year-old substate tournament is scheduled to be played.

Jonesboro will then host the 5-6-year-old T-Ball tournament starting July 12.

Starting July 15, Forest Park (11-12-year-olds) and McDonough (7-8and 9-10) roll out the red carpet for the Southeast Regionals.

Then on July 22, the 7-8-year-old Roberto Clemente World Series comes to town.

A year ago, North Henry and McDonough represented the Southern Crescent in the double-elimination tournament.

The Puerto Rico Diamondbacks, who finished the World Series with a 5-0 record, won the event.

Coaches Note: Once tournament brackets are finalized for each event, tournament directors are asked to e-mail brackets to the daily at sports@news-daily.com. Coaches are also asked to report their scores and details to the paper at the end of each game by calling 770 478-5753 Ext. 280. Due to limited space, the paper can not guarantee results will be published for games called in the following day or later.