Wells announces she'll run again for District 5 seat


Barbara Wells has announced for another four-year term to the Clayton County Board of Education.

Wells, 55, and her husband Dennis have two sons, Denney and Kirk. She is a graduate of Jones County High School in 1966 and attended one year at Enterprise Junior College.

Wells, a Democrat, is seeking to return to her board seat representing District 5.

She said the following issues make up her platform:

"Improve test scores by making sure our policies are aligned with our standards that support student achievement. Aligning resources, comparing performance across the districts and identifying successes to learn from and failures to improve on.

Parents all over the county are asking for more AP courses and Magnet programs to challenge their students beginning in middle school. I think we need to look at this more closely We need more resources for our ESOL students and their parents. Every vote we take, every promotion, every hire and basically every decision we make we must ask?How does this impact student achievement?

Teacher retention is a serious problem. Experienced, qualified teachers are essential to improve student achievement. We must find a way to make our teachers feel more appreciated and valued in our system and compensate them for their hard work and dedication to our students.

As each child in our system should be guaranteed the best education we can provide they also need to be guaranteed that their schools are safe. There needs to be a real collaboration between the school district, local law enforcement and the community with an emphasis on gangs and bullying. We need to be more receptive to our parents and their concerns. The public forums we have started are a first step for getting input from our parents and the community. I fully support these forums and know they will have a good outcome for our children.

My agenda is simple and has not changed since I first ran for office in 1996?CHILDREN?My record and conduct shows that I will listen, work hard and not back down when it comes to all children. Regardless of your station in life, your race or your religion we all want the best for our children and that is what they deserve.