Police release former roommate of model shot in subway

By April Avison

Police have made no arrests in the New York shooting of an Eagle's Landing High School graduate on Tuesday.

Monica Meadows, 23, is the daughter of local attorney Rod and Betty Meadows.

Meadows remained in stable condition at Bellevue Hospital after being shot in the left shoulder on a moving subway train.

The magazine model and aspiring actress "came to New York and has been working really, really hard to follow her dreams," Rod Meadows told reporters. "She's not going to let this incident slow her down."

Police said the shooter n described by witnesses as a "scruffy" man with blond hair in his early 30s n fired one round from a small-caliber weapon before fleeing into another subway car. He slipped away from the subway after it stopped at West 42nd Street.

Monica Meadows was expected to leave the hospital by the end of the week, and plans to remain in the city, her father said.

Nichole Reynolds, president of the Henry County Bar Association, said many local attorneys have contacted Meadows' law firm, Meadows and Lewis P.C., to inquire about the family.

"Rod cannot accept cell phone calls (hospital regulations prohibit cell phones)," Reynolds wrote in an e-mail message to bar members. "Rod and Betty do not have return travel plans. Rod's staff does not have any additional information at this time and thanks everyone for their kind phone calls."

Reynolds said Thursday she has not spoken to Rod Meadows since the incident occurred but has been in contact with a paralegal from his office.

"Rod is not only an active member of the bar, but he is also a good friend," Reynolds said.

New York police released Meadows' former roommate after questioning him and several others Wednesday at a Manhattan precinct.

Gerald Shargel, a lawyer for Meadows' former roommate, said his client fit the description of the shooter given to police by witnesses, but he said his client had been with another woman making a deposit at the bank when the shooting took place.

The bullet barely missed Meadows' lungs and major arteries, said Dr. Maurizio Miglietta, the surgeon who operated on her.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.