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Lessons from your local newspaper - April Avison

Two Cartersville teenagers reportedly sealed their own fate when they attempted to seek glory in their local newspaper.

Your keyboard is under attack - Rob Felt

If you're reading this online, take a quick glance down at your faithful keyboard. If you're reading this in print, close your eyes and imagine what it looks like. (If you can read with your eyes closed send me an e-mail.) OK, got it?

Take me out to the ballgame - Kathy Jefcoats

OK, call me crazy but when my grandson, Michael George, asked me to take him to see the Braves play at Turner Field, I told him I would. He will be 6 tomorrow and is the second oldest of my six wonderful grandchildren. As I have written before, I know very little about baseball outside of three strikes, three outs, nine players, nine innings and the fact that it is not played in the rain. I figured we could cheer when everyone else did and we would be fine.

Debunking pie is a piece of cake - Clay Wilson

Newsrooms, I am convinced, play host to some of the most interesting conversations on the planet.

It's all a matter of priorities - R.H. Joseph

Four years ago, during the period of the great calendar change, there was a contest to determine the greatest invention of the concluding millenium. Guttenberg's movable-type press won.

Head-on collision kills Rex woman, one other

By Ed Brock

Argument led to shootout

By Ed Brock

The chess game of politics - Greg Gelpi

Back in high school, we had a stunningly brilliant defensive coordinator for the football team.

Youths learn law enforcement

By Ed Brock


June 11, 2004

CCSU enrollment hits another record

By Greg Gelpi

Varsity teams go camping

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Plans set for ?Tomato Sandwich Party'

By Ed Brock

Seeing Reagan close up made lasting impression - Bob Paslay

The death of Ronald Reagan Saturday got me to thinking about how many presidents I had actually seen in person. Jaded journalists will tell you they don't pay any attention to famous people, they are just news stories to cover. Me, I am different. I like meeting famous people, seeing them close up.

Roadster field small in size only

By Doug Gorman

Man calls police, claims to have gun

By Ed Brock

Nichols wins in wild finish to Masters race

By Jeffery Armstrong

CCFD planning blood drive

By Ed Brock

?Prophetic' dreams carry women around the world

By Kevin Liles

Looking for a subject through the lens - Zach Porter

Looking around at a demonstration I was covering in Brunswick, Ga. during the G-8 summit I was straining my eyes to find the protesters out of a sea of media and spectators. It seems there were more people taking pictures than actually participating in the protest. Even the demonstrators had cameras and high-tech digital camcorders with all the bells and whistles. It was hard to get a photo without getting 10 other cameras coming into my frame. If one photogenic and animated protester began to shout something everybody with a camera swarmed that individual. Is the media so over-saturated that it outnumbers the people at the event it is covering?

Players more important than draft status

By Doug Gorman

Party at the G-8 IMC - Ed Brock

The wind across the tarmac picked up gusty strength as Air Force One sailed in from the east.