Argument led to shootout

By Ed Brock

A shootout at Riverwalk Apartments began with an argument between a woman and a man involved in the gun battle.

Toby Orlando Jackson, 27, of College Park, was arrested shortly after the exchange of gunfire that occurred around 7:45 p.m. Tuesday, according to a Clayton County Police report. Jackson was charged with discharging a firearm near a highway.

A witness to the incident, who was not identified in the report, said she had been arguing with the other man in the gunfight, who was also not identified, and she had called Jackson and another man to come over because she was afraid. The other man argued with Jackson before leaving and then coming back.

Jackson told police that the other man, driving a gold colored Pontiac Grand Am, stopped on Riverdale Road and began shooting at him and the other man. He then ran inside the house, got his gun and began shooting back.

Two witnesses told police they heard the gunshots and saw the woman and the other suspect arguing prior to that.

Another resident of the apartment complex, John Smith who lives two doors down from where the shooting occurred, said he was outside at a cookout when he saw two men standing near the other apartment with guns.

Smith said the two men fired at the car first.

Another witness who asked not to be identified said he drove past the car and, hearing what he thought was a backfire, looked back to see the occupants of the car firing numerous rounds at the apartment complex.

Witnesses said around 15 to 20 shots were fired. Nobody was wounded in the shooting.