Board accepts budget, new personnel

By Greg Gelpi

Positioning itself for the coming year, the Clayton County Board of Education approved a list of recommendations for senior level positions and adopted a new budget.

Opening its planned 30-minute public hearing on the general budget, the board closed the public hearing two minutes later for lack of anyone from the public signing up to speak on the budget.

The board approved the fiscal year 2005 budget 9-0. No changes were made to the tentative budget, which was adopted June 9.

In a split vote, the board accepted the recommendation from Superintendent Barbara Pulliam to make Charles White the coordinator of public affairs and community relations 5-3-1. Board members Bob Livingston, Linda Crummy and Allen T. Johnson opposed the recommendation, while board member Barbara Wells abstained.

The position has been filled temporarily by Jerry Jackson. He took the position when Paul Kraack was taken out of the position immediately after the firing of Superintendent Dan Colwell.

Kraack had reapplied for his previous job, but was given the position of assistant principal at Mundy's Mill Middle School. He had been working at the Evening High School.

White is the coordinator of public education for Virginia Beach Public Schools in Virginia Beach, Va.

The board approved Lynda Daniel to be principal of Harper Elementary School with Crummy being the only opposing board member.

The board unanimously approved Brenda Grier to be principal at Kemp Primary School, Beverly Garner to be principal at Kendrick Middle School, Cindy Brictson to be principal at Smith Elementary School, Donald Dunnigan to be director of certified personnel, Jackie Hubbert to be assistant superintendent for personnel and Valya Lee to be assistant superintendent for Area 2, a position she had been serving in as an interim.

Grier is the assistant principal at North Clayton Middle School. Garner is the assistant principal at Kemp Primary School. Brictson is the assistant principal at Thurgood Marshall Elementary School. Dunnigan works as the coordinator of recruiting. Hubbert is the assistant superintendent of Area 1.