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Facing up to an updated appearance - April Avison

Those who read this column in the print version will notice a change in today's paper. After much friendly prodding, I have replaced my photo – "mug shot" in journalese – with an updated version.

Hold that thought until November - Ed Brock

I was going to praise the Saudi Arabian security forces for killing terrorist leader Abdulaziz al-Muqurin, but I think I better hold off on that.

Insurance salesman turned driver ready to take a risk

By Anthony Rhoads

A fortune cookie and my life - Bob Paslay

It is usually only in mediocre B-movies that people have epiphanies about their lives and change them dramatically – a Wall Street broker going to Tibet to grow vegetables.

Ending the drag of cigarettes - Heather Middleton

I'm a smoker trying to become a non-smoker – again.

Police seize 28 dogs

By Ed Brock

School system changes proposed

By Greg Gelpi

Understanding the Interstate of our South - Ryan Whelchel

It's been shown to my eyes as it has too many others who drive, or rather creep down Interstate 75 South during the p.m. rush-hour that many people should not have a license to drive.

The father of engineering

By Ed Brock

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June 25, 2004

Two sides in shooting shout outside hearing

By Ed Brock

What has become of America? - R.H. Joseph

Oh how we crowed when we killed the man's only sons.

Campbell quits HCHS baseball job

By Doug Gorman

Airport capacity study released

By Greg Gelpi

Eagle's Landing project trucking along

By Michael Davis

Company sends reservist off to war

By Kathy Jefcoats


By Jeffery Armstrong