News for Saturday, June 26, 2004


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Commissioner's trial delayed again

By Michael Davis

Sequestered jury for death penalty trial

By Kathy Jefcoats

Facing up to an updated appearance - April Avison

Those who read this column in the print version will notice a change in today's paper. After much friendly prodding, I have replaced my photo – "mug shot" in journalese – with an updated version.

Hold that thought until November - Ed Brock

I was going to praise the Saudi Arabian security forces for killing terrorist leader Abdulaziz al-Muqurin, but I think I better hold off on that.

Local author to speak at writers' conference

By Clay Wilson

Like father, like son

By Doug Gorman

A fortune cookie and my life - Bob Paslay

It is usually only in mediocre B-movies that people have epiphanies about their lives and change them dramatically – a Wall Street broker going to Tibet to grow vegetables.

Technology updates education in schools

By Greg Gelpi

Terrence Eugene Walsh

Terrence Eugene Walsh, 59, died of a heart attack Wednesday, June 23, 2004, at his workplace in Jonesboro.

Ending the drag of cigarettes - Heather Middleton

I'm a smoker trying to become a non-smoker – again.

Racetrack murder nets life without parole

By Kathy Jefcoats

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Understanding the Interstate of our South - Ryan Whelchel

It's been shown to my eyes as it has too many others who drive, or rather creep down Interstate 75 South during the p.m. rush-hour that many people should not have a license to drive.

Eagle's Landing project trucking along

By Michael Davis

Pastor Philipps M. "Ky" Keopinsavang

Pastor Philipps M. "Ky" Keopinsavang, a loving husband and father, and a wonderful servant to the Lord. He was the minister to the Laos congregation at The First Baptist Church of Jonesboro.

What has become of America? - R.H. Joseph

Oh how we crowed when we killed the man's only sons.

Police seize 28 dogs

By Ed Brock

Company sends reservist off to war

By Kathy Jefcoats