Hold that thought until November - Ed Brock

I was going to praise the Saudi Arabian security forces for killing terrorist leader Abdulaziz al-Muqurin, but I think I better hold off on that.

They did indeed mow down al-Muqurin and three of his hench-people, all of whom were responsible for kidnapping and beheading American contractor Paul Johnson, Jr.

But it turns out that members of the security force may have provided aid to al-Muqurin, including police uniforms and vehicles that were used in kidnapping Johnson. At least, that's what al-Muqurin and his people said before they were permanently silenced.

Well, a dead terrorist is a dead terrorist, and that's still good.

Also, let's remember that sign at the soccer game in Saudi Arabia that declared that Johnson's murder was a sin against Islam.

Not all Muslims are violent extremists. Remember that.

There are some other things we need to remember as well. Particularly, we need to hold in our memories the findings of the independent 911 committee regarding the idea that al-Qaeda and Saddam Hussein were in cohoots.

No such a thing, says the committee.

You know, I think President Bush tipped his hand a little in his response to the committee's findings. I recall him saying something like they believed Hussein and al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden were collaborating because they both hate America.

Well, Americans in general certainly believed that.

That's one way we got suckered into this war to begin with, because it was just so easy for us to believe our old nemesis Saddam just had to have something to do with the Sept. 11 attacks.

But I tell you, when the WTC towers fell, so must have Saddam's spirits. He surely knew at that time that his time had come.

I believe I pointed out before that, far from being a threat, Saddam was a man in a cage, contained and teetering on the edge of collapse. The last thing he needed was to give America an excuse to push him off the cliff.

So of course he had nothing to do with Sept. 11. The man wasn't stupid, just evil.

For the same reason he surely destroyed what few banned weapons he may have had left in a desperate attempt to put off the war he knew he could never win.

Now, let's take a quick survey here of our remaining justifications for this war in Iraq.

Well, at this point we're pretty sure we will not be finding any weapons of mass destruction, and I most seriously doubt we'll find anything that will make us say "Whew, thank God we stopped that well-armed maniac!"

And now the al-Qaeda connection has deteriorated, leaving only these obscure implications by Vice President Cheney that he knows more than the committee, but for some reason he, what, didn't tell them?

That pretty much leaves us with freeing the Iraqi people and imposing a democracy on the Middle East.

But National Security Advisor Condeleeza Rice stood not more than 20 feet away from me and said these exact words.

"Nobody really believes that democracy can be forced from the outside."

Oddly enough, she said that while defending our war in Iraq, where we are in fact trying to force democracy from the outside. To me this contradiction says it all.

So, once again, come November, just you people remember this. George Bush started an unnecessary war, plain and simple, and now people are dead. To me, that's reason enough to send him to the showers.

Ed Brock covers public safety and municipalities for the News Daily. He may be reached at (770) 478-5753 ext. 254 or via e-mail at ebrock@news-daily.com.