Killing Jews is a really bad idea - R.H. Joseph

Why are we afraid of the rabble? It is a sad commentary that in the wake of Mel Gibson's current film those entrusted with the responsibility of public commentary feel compelled to soothe the fevered brows of the class most prone to hatred and violence.

Have we so little courage, so little honor that we choose to pussyfoot lest we offend this most primitive stratum of humanity? Is the majority overwhelmed with fear of the repercussions engendered by a collective and vociferous condemnation of ignorance? This is shameful.

The primitive are not to be mollified, they must be aggressively repudiated by the civilized if civilization is to prevail.

Look to human history, who was in command during our darkest hours? Attend closely to this admonition; I speak of human history not that limited to Christians or Europeans.

Currently, American fundamentalists assert it is Christianity that is under attack by those such as I. Such a claim would be disingenuous had it come from any other group.

Alas, a world view characterized by ignorance, superstition, paranoia, fear and hatred is representative not of a sect but of a stratum of humanity; the primordial are ever-present. Stupidity is the universal phenomenon, not any of the multitude of disparate claims of revealed knowledge espoused by the primitive in every culture in every time and in every place.

The primitive stratum plagues us as a species and its impact is infinitely more noxious than any other naturally occurring disease. Though virulent, cancer cannot destroy with the determined efficiency of inflamed hatred.

Any attempt to employ logic and rationality to enlighten those whose world view is defined by illogic and irrationality is pointless. We must control the circumstance through command rather than influence.

Passivity is cowardice. We cannot permit the primitive to legislate hatred as they are currently attempting to do with regard to homosexuals.

The more power they accrue the more likely it is anyone representing a different culture, different religion, different skin color and different sexuality will be disenfranchised.

Such evil has manifested a thousand times in human history. Its origin is not Christianity. Rather, the primitive in every religion and every culture are compelled by the arrogance engendered by self-aggrandizement to attempt the same denial of equality to anyone other than themselves.

All this they attempt under the banner of piety. The primitive celebrate their own cultural values while presuming to represent that which is truly universal. What could be more impious?

They contend the strength of their convictions is indicative of a more profound spirituality than your own. Do you accept this or do you believe their commitment is to their own belief system?

Mind you, they are not to be condemned for what they are. Theirs is merely a naturally occurring facet of the human behavioral spectrum. Ironically, they have this in common with homosexuality.

Condemnation should be reserved for those who would rather ignore or appease this stratum than aggressively contain them.

Not that long ago Republican Senator Saxby Chambliss wanted to stop all Arabs (or Muslims, I can't recall) from entering our state. Similar behavior was manifested within the confines of Forsyth County when I was a kid but then the focus of the primitive hatred was blacks. Will it be Jews tomorrow and if not them, who?

If the primitive wish to exclude various groups from their fold, that is their right as Americans. If they want to promote superstition at the expense of science in their parochial schools, that is their right as Americans. If they want to disenfranchise their women, that too is their right. In fact, if they want the entire country to reflect their antediluvian value system they have every right to pursue this course.

However, we, the cultured, the civilized, must not let them succeed. We, America's true patriots, must act decisively and never has heroism come so cheaply. The forces of ignorance may be repudiated at the ballot box.

Those simpletons who must be dissuaded from rising up and killing Jews following the viewing of a grotesquely manipulative motion picture must be denied influence in the halls of power. You have this ability.

Look to history. What has become of great nations that have fallen under the influence of superstition and irrationality, of paranoia and hatred? The responsibility to prevent such entropy from destroying America is yours.

R.H. Joseph is a longtime employee of the News Daily. His column regularly appears on Wednesdays. He may be reached at (770) 478-5753, ext. 252, or by e-mail at rjoseph@news-daily.com.