Big top, big animals

By Kathy Jefcoats

Come one, come all to the big top – it's a jungle under there and leading the way is the biggest African elephant in the world, Nozy.

The newly formed Holly Brothers Barnes and Bidwell Three Ring Circus is headed to Henry County Wednesday and Thursday. It's old-fashioned entertainment.

"It's an old time circus with sawdust on the floor," said circus marketing director C.M. Christ. "A spun cotton candy world filled with fun and merriment. It's escapism that satisfies the kid in all of us."

The circus will be set up at 155 Mill Road in McDonough for three performances, 7:30 p.m. both days and 4:30 p.m. Thursday. The public can attend the free tent raising Wednesday that should start at 7 a.m. and take about two hours.

Adult general admission is $16 but kids' tickets can be picked up free at local merchants – an $8 value. Without a coupon, kids are admitted for $8. Christ said the circus seats 2,000.

In addition to Nozy, featured exotic animals include yaks, llamas, zebras, camels and miniature and Arabian horses. Added attractions are acrobats, jugglers, a trapeze act and, of course, clowns.

"Overhead, the Olympians present their daring trapeze act with a triple somersault and a high wire act with daredevils performing on motorcycles on the silver strand," Christ said. "Plus an exotic gathering of aerial ballets on the lyre, hoops, single trapeze and Spanish web."

The acts include Bela Tabak's trained yaks, Africa's Ayak Brothers on the high wire, Rossini's celestial ballet, the Flying Salazars, Mexico's masters of the mid-air triple somersault; Brazil's Manny Casalino and his world famous clown alley; Peru's Lunas on the Wheel of Destiny and the Motorcycle Maniacs in the Globe of Death.

"We'll also have a tiger act that is performed all over the world," said Christ.