Bomb threat evacuates school

By Greg Gelpi

A bomb threat caused an evacuation of North Clayton High School Thursday morning.

Students and faculty cleared the school for about 30 minutes shortly before lunch, while Clayton County police and school staff searched the building for anything suspicious. Nothing was found.

"I felt it would be in the best interest of the students," Lt. Greg Porter, the commander of the student resource officer program, said of the evacuation. "I don't feel the threat is credible enough to call a full-fledged bomb team."

An unknown man called 911 on a cell phone and reached an Atlanta dispatcher, Porter said. He said there was a bomb at North Clayton High School and hung up. No other details were given during the threat.

Porter said the suspect called from near the Clayton and Fulton county lines since the call went to the Atlanta 911, rather than Clayton 911.

Bomb threats are called in about two or three times a month regarding Clayton County schools, he said. He didn't find the threat "credible," but advised North Clayton Principal Clarence Burnough III to evacuate the school as a precaution.

A call went over the school's "intercom." The school's roughly 1,500 students evacuated school buildings and remained on the school's football field while the school was searched.

Officers and staff members stopped communicating by cell phone and radio to prevent the possibility that the electronics would set off a potential bomb.

"Anytime you get one with the amount of students we have it's better to be safe than sorry," Burnough said.

He said that a letter would be sent home to parents informing them of the bomb threat.