Gray guilty on all counts of murder

By Ed Brock

It took a jury just a few hours to convict Bobby Eugene Gray of murder in the death of a Hampton man described as a Good Samaritan.

Gray, 45, is the second of two men now convicted in the Nov. 9, 2001 killing of Buford Evans of Hampton. James Stewart Odom, 46, was convicted in September and testified against Gray at this week's trial.

Odom lived for a short time with 54-year-old Evans, a disabled veteran who, according to his family, tried to help many people. According to Odom's testimony, on the day of the killing he went with Gray to borrow money from Evans after a night of smoking crack cocaine.

Odom also blamed the attack against Evans on Gray, saying he came back into the house from his car to find Gray standing over a bleeding Evans with a knife. Gray then pulled a gun and forced him to leave without calling police, Odom said.

Police say Evans was stabbed several times and beaten.

After about three days of hearing evidence in the case the jury was given the case for deliberation late Thursday afternoon. They deliberated for about one hour then and then came back with the guilty verdict just before noon on Friday, Clayton County Senior Assistant District Attorney Todd Naugle said.

Gray will be sentenced next Friday, Naugle said.