Life, liberty and pursuit of fries - Greg Gelpi

Mmm? What's better than French fries? Super-sized French fries.

Unfortunately, a quick menu "simplification" and super size will be no more.

Personal responsibility is probably my biggest pet peeve.

Whatever happened to just say no? If it can magically ward off drugs, then can't it do the same against fast food?

Would you like fries with that? No.

It couldn't get much easier, but a few sue-happy lawyers teamed up with some overweight people out for a quick buck.

Corporate America and small business owners, beware. Don't make your product tasty and reasonably priced and certainly don't offer customer service.

Twisting and distorting what is simply good business, we hear a different story from a litigious segment of society.

Like something out of the X-Files, shadowy conspirators huddle in smoky backrooms and plot how to push their products?or so we would be led to believe.

The standup comic Denis Leary joked in his "No Cure for Cancer" special about the warning labels on packs of cigarettes. Puffing heartily on yet another cigarette, he said you could have a black package with a skull and cross bones called cancer sticks and people would still smoke them.

Toss super size out the drive-through window and sell French fries by the fry, and guess what? People will continue to eat the same amount of fries, but they'll be paying more since they are paying by the fry.

The attempt by the powers-that-be to sanitize the world is only feeding their own interests.

I'm a junk food junkie. My diet would make most gastroenterologists and health experts croak on the spot.

But my addiction to sugar and fast food is my addiction and my choice. Advertising works or no one would spend money on it, but ultimately it is the consumer who makes the decision.

McDonald's doesn't kidnap people, drag them in and force-feed them extra value meals.

As the National Rifle Association would say, French fries don't kill people, people kill people.

Let's blame car manufacturers for speeding, guns for killing and fast-food restaurants for bad health.

Let's call our congressmen and demand legislation banning good-tasting food and smart business strategies.

How dare McDonald's make a product that is cheap and tasty! What was the company thinking?

Society has run amuck. While fighting for people's rights, they are chaining us to tofu and lettuce.

And yet again, the inability of a few to accept responsibility and the ability of a few others to seize the opportunity for quick cash, has encroached on the masses.

Greg Gelpi covers education for the News Daily. He can be reached at ggelpi@news-daily.com or (770) 478-5753 Ext. 247.