Trio robs airport parking company

By Ed Brock

Police are still looking for two men and a woman who ambushed a courier for a Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport parking company, robbed and shot him in the leg.

Najied Arif, 25, of Union City, a courier for Parking Company of America, was bringing an undisclosed amount of money, a deposit from parking fees collected at the airport, from the airport's north terminal to the south terminal around 1 a.m. Monday, Atlanta Police Sgt. Kevin Iosty said. At some point the three robbers blocked his way with a red, late-model pickup truck, got out of their vehicle and approached Arif, who was in a company pickup truck.

"When they jumped out of the vehicle it startled him and he inadvertently hit the gas and rammed their vehicle," Iosty said.

The robbers took Arif and the money, put them into their vehicle and drove off with him, Atlanta police Sgt. John Quigley said. At some point along I-285 they shot Arif in the leg and left him by the side of the road. Arif went to a nearby apartment complex and called for help.

He was in stable condition at Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta on Monday, Iosty said.

Iosty said the robbers are described as two black males, one between 40 to 45 years old and the other around 25, and a black woman around 20 to 25 years old. The red pickup truck used in the attack should have some rear-end damage from the collision with Arif's truck.

He did not know what kind of gun was used in the attack.

Quigley said the security at the airport would not have caught someone with a gun if they remained in their car on the road.

"At this particular level of terrorist threat level we're not doing detailed searches of cars," Quigley said.

The attack was probably planned in advance, Quigley said.

"It gives me the impression that they knew what they were there for and had a particular mission in mind," Quigley said.

As an immediate security precaution police will now begin escorting employees of airport parking companies when they are carrying money, Atlanta Police Maj. Darryl Tolleson said.