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Slushies and bad customer service - Rob Felt

Last week I asked you, the reader, to submit ideas for this week's column. Responses ranged from short ideas to the flattering suggestion that I should give up photography and write full time. There was also a comment from someone who thought I was soliciting ideas to boost my own ego and that I might not have any quality material left to work with.

Knowledge threatens the ignorant - R.H. Joseph

A reader recently e-mailed me, outraged at the attempt by State School Superintendent Cathy Cox and Gov. Sonny Perdue to undermine the teaching of history in Georgia secondary schools.

Rail travel inches closer to reality

By Billy Corriher

?I'll be back before you know it'

By Ed Brock

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March 19, 2004

Mt. Zion rolls in region opener

By Doug Gorman

Defying cerebral palsy, cancer to enjoy life

By Greg Gelpi

Commissioners scale down Conkle Road project

By Billy Corriher

Nothing wrong with ?I-word' - Greg Gelpi

Names, names, all kinds of names.

A glimpse beneath a reporter's surface - Clay Wilson

Ah, the joys of the bachelor life. Staying out 'til all hours, checking out the ladies ? blow-drying underwear.

Students view airport construction

By Greg Gelpi

Can you hear me now? - Bob Paslay

People who know me know that I don't own much of the new technology, but I don't particularly have anything against it. I just don't see the need for it, and believe deep down that it probably diminishes my life like the truck I own that keeps me from walking anywhere.

Game of hockey is pure action

Most sporting events tend to bore me unless I'm on assignment with my camera. I find it's more of a challenge just sitting through a game as a spectator, waiting for the right time to crawl over people in my aisle just to get to the bathroom. That was until last Friday night at Phillips Arena when I went with a group of friends to a Thrashers hockey game. When the lights went down and some bird head fixture hanging from the roof opened its mouth and transformed into a flame thrower, I knew I had arrived.

One year of war

By Ed Brock

Hackney leaving, headed to Osborne

By Anthony Rhoads

Sunshine patriot needs long visit to brig - Tamara Boatwright

Just when I think I have heard everything, I hear something else that makes me ask, "Do what?"

The hard quarter mile - Ed Brock

This is the second of three columns about my recent canoe trip down the Sipsey River in Alabama. In the first, we began the journey and encountered a series of mishaps.

Oliver students compete in math

By Greg Gelpi

Accused cop waives hearing

By Ed Brock

Jr. moving out of Dad's shadow

By Doug Gorman