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Mouse-click away from new career - Billy Corriher

I've been such a fool. For so long, I've been going to doctors whenever I needed medical attention. Why should I trust the advice of a guy just because he went to some medical school?

Slushies and bad customer service - Rob Felt

Last week I asked you, the reader, to submit ideas for this week's column. Responses ranged from short ideas to the flattering suggestion that I should give up photography and write full time. There was also a comment from someone who thought I was soliciting ideas to boost my own ego and that I might not have any quality material left to work with.

Track teams do well at Morehouse

From staff reports

Knowledge threatens the ignorant - R.H. Joseph

A reader recently e-mailed me, outraged at the attempt by State School Superintendent Cathy Cox and Gov. Sonny Perdue to undermine the teaching of history in Georgia secondary schools.

Americans still struggle with obesity - April Avison

We all know that obesity in America is more than a problem n it has become deadly. A recent government study found that in 2000, "poor diet" was responsible for more than 400,000 deaths, running a close second to tobacco-related deaths, which numbered 435,000.

Memories serve as memorials

By Ed Brock

Man hits siblings with truck, flees

By Greg Gelpi

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Planning, driving keys to avoiding accidents

By Ed Brock

The hard quarter mile - Ed Brock

This is the second of three columns about my recent canoe trip down the Sipsey River in Alabama. In the first, we began the journey and encountered a series of mishaps.

Assistant superintendent announces retirement

By Greg Gelpi

A glimpse beneath a reporter's surface - Clay Wilson

Ah, the joys of the bachelor life. Staying out 'til all hours, checking out the ladies ? blow-drying underwear.

Crossing paths with danger

By Ed Brock

Can you hear me now? - Bob Paslay

People who know me know that I don't own much of the new technology, but I don't particularly have anything against it. I just don't see the need for it, and believe deep down that it probably diminishes my life like the truck I own that keeps me from walking anywhere.

NAACP planning Riverdale protest

By Billy Corriher

Women's tennis team defeats UNC-Pembroke

From staff reports

Medical group has change in command

By Greg Gelpi

Virginia Tech women defeat Iowa 89-76

From staff and wire reports

Nothing wrong with ?I-word' - Greg Gelpi

Names, names, all kinds of names.