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Doing it my way in NYC - Kathy Jefcoats

So when last I left my faithful readers I had made it to Manhattan for my trip of a lifetime. I know many people aspire to Paris or Rome or somewhere equally romantic but I love New York and I can't help it.

Take another look at gay marriage issue - April Avison

I have a dream – that someday people who love each other, regardless of their sexual orientation, will be allowed to marry.

Go Martha, go Martha, go Martha - Bob Paslay

If I were one of the federal jurors in the Martha Stewart case, immediately after finding her not guilty I would go to the other end of the courthouse and file a civil suit against the government for wasting weeks of my life.

Trouble with customer service - Billy Corriher

John Edwards' emergence as the last serious challenger to John Kerry's claim to the Democratic nomination for president has fueled a lot of discussion from the two senators about free trade and the loss of American jobs.

Nader absolves Libertarian voting guilt - Rob Felt

Thank you Ralph Nader! In an exercise of fundamental democracy Nader announced his bid for the White House this week as an Independent. Now Libertarians can cast a guilt-free vote for their candidate in November, knowing that socialists with a new outlet will offset the fiscally conservative votes lost for Bush.

Lady Bulldogs roar into semifinals

By Greg Gelpi


March 3, 2004

Reality show turns Kahn into TV star

By Anthony Rhoads and Doug Gorman

Accused con man turns self in

By Ed Brock

Auto racing: Not a sport - Greg Gelpi

Just call me an amateur athlete. Why? I commute to work.

New state flag flies with voters

By Billy Corriher

Mt. Zion seniors reflect on winding road to Final Four

By Jeffery Armstrong

Gibbons puts CCSU on map

By Doug Gorman

Seussentenial turns gooey for kindergartners

By Greg Gelpi

What am I talking about? - Ed Brock

You know, I just have no idea what I'm going to write about this time.

Having ?Passion' for the subject - Clay Wilson

I could point out that with its recent attention to "The Passion of the Christ," the media was simply doing what it always does: latching onto a perceived cultural phenomenon and running it into the ground.

Killing Jews is a really bad idea - R.H. Joseph

Why are we afraid of the rabble? It is a sad commentary that in the wake of Mel Gibson's current film those entrusted with the responsibility of public commentary feel compelled to soothe the fevered brows of the class most prone to hatred and violence.

Teams that couldn't

By Anthony Rhoads

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A short history of heliography - Zach Porter

In 1826 Nicephore Niepce produced the oldest known example of an image recorded onto a light sensitive surface in France with a material called asphaltum. In 1839 Louis Jacques Mande Daguerre perfected a photographic process using silver halide coated copper plates, fumed over iodine crystals, exposed for several minutes in a clunky camera and then processed out using a hot mercury bath. It sounds real easy, yes, but certainly not as easy as using your new camera phone that fits inside the hip pocket. You photo enthusiasts, you passive dabblers who fancy yourselves virtuosos, you've got it made. Taking just one photo used to be an all-day ordeal for our beloved pioneers of what Sir John Herschel dubbed photography (or heliography if you prefer the Greek root).

Kerry's sweep eliminates Edwards

By Billy Corriher