News for Wednesday, March 31, 2004


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Time to make the right call - Ed Brock

Well, before Sept. 11 I never imagined that terrorists would hijack four commercial jet airliners and crash three of them into a pair of national landmarks, either.

Don't make me watch American Idol - Billy Corriher

Top-selling R&B singer R. Kelly had some of the child pornography charges brought against him dropped recently because of a judge's ruling that evidence was seized illegally.

A lesson in journalistic ethics - April Avison

One of my favorite conversation topics among my journalist friends and colleagues is that of media ethics.

The Fab Five have nothin' on Bubber - Kathy Jefcoats

One of my favorite shows is "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy." At first, I couldn't believe that homosexuals were going for the Q word because I always thought it was considered derogatory. Kinda like blacks using the N word in a television program. But who am I to argue?

A cure for America's ailments - R.H. Joseph

Offended that some readers perceive me to be politically biased, I'm writing this column to aid Republicans.

Slushies and bad customer service - Rob Felt

Last week I asked you, the reader, to submit ideas for this week's column. Responses ranged from short ideas to the flattering suggestion that I should give up photography and write full time. There was also a comment from someone who thought I was soliciting ideas to boost my own ego and that I might not have any quality material left to work with.

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Ordnance group gets new hope

By Ed Brock

Some rules are simply un-American

By Anthony Rhoads

ELHS sweeps Morrow

By Anthony Rhoads

Piece together a life of quality items - Bob Paslay

Quality will survive and lack of quality will fall by the wayside. That is one good thing about life.

Clock winding down for assembly

By Billy Corriher

School system honoring voices winners

By Greg Gelpi


March 31, 2004

Three teams ranked in latest baseball poll

By Doug Gorman

Nedra Ware defaults on mortgage loan

By Greg Gelpi

?Hypnotized and over-advertised' - Greg Gelpi

"Hypnotized and over-advertised ?til we're numb at birth."