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Tangled in Web of E-commerce - Greg Gelpi

Web. Such an apt word to describe an invisible net that drags in unsuspecting victims.

A volunteer's journey of a lifetime - April Avison

In June 2002, I interviewed Adam McGarity about the journey on which he was about to embark n a two-year stint in Romania with the Peace Corps.

Remembering mothers of all kinds - Kathy Jefcoats

Mother's Day is Sunday, May 9, in case you've forgotten, missed the Hallmark cards commercials or the big reminder you've no doubt gotten from your mom or mother of your children, who may or may not be your wife. In this time of "my baby's momma," the grammatically incorrect way of referring to the woman who has borne your child out of wedlock n and sometimes out of a one-night stand n Mother's Day takes on a whole new meaning for a lot of folks.

Fighting spam scams with spam - Rob Felt

"Thank God that I now have the privilege to contact you. May I now humbly introduce myself as I know that this mail may have reached you surprisingly. I am Eric Baadi, manager of Zenith Bank, Lagos, Nigeria. I have urgent and very confidential business proposition for you."

Richardson signs with Xavier

By Jeffery Armstrong

Heavy metal and construction - Michael Davis

I recently read two stories that, at first glance, may seem unrelated.

Stevens injured in crash

By Anthony Rhoads

Island of good news in a sea of bad - Bob Paslay

I have now heard enough bad and sad news to last me the rest of my life. I watch the noon news on television and not only do I get to see houses that explode, killing people, but overturned tankers daily and apartment fires and molesting educators. And to make matters worse I get to see aerial shots from that darn helicopter. Then a minute later I get to see a helicopter from another state spinning out of control and crashing. Iraq daily is one dreary report. When I edit the obituaries every day they are loaded down with 52, 54, 58-year-olds dying.

Have ?pita' on a guy who likes his carbs - Clay Wilson

When it gets to the pita bread, someone has to draw the line.

Everything I need is always somewhere else - Zach Porter

Lately it seems that the things I need, my essential personal belongings, are always somewhere I'm not. There is a song by Tom Waits called Big in Japan which helps to explain my current situation. In his gravely, croaking-like-a-toad voice, Waits sings, "I've got the sheets, not the bed, got the jam not the bread."

Evening school program cut

By Greg Gelpi

A hobby becomes an obsession - Tamara Boatwright

It was supposed to be a hobby that my husband and I could enjoy together. I, however, became obsessed.

The good, bad and truly stupid - Ed Brock

Well, now that was just dumb in so many ways.

Small celebrations for Cinco de Mayo

By Ed Brock

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Bob Faulkner

Bob Faulkner, 69, of Jonesboro, died May 6, 2004. Faulkner served in Korea in the U.S. Army and was discharged with honors. He is also a former automotive body repairman.

Luella falls to No. 4 seed

By Anthony Rhoads

Elementary school hosting Bike Rodeo

Compiled by Greg Gelpi

Ware's house pulled from auctions

By Greg Gelpi

Salvation Army Week begins today

By Ed Brock

Lady Raiders win state title

From Staff Reports

Students accept diplomas

By Kathy Jefcoats

?Ghostbuster' gadgets keep mold in check

By Greg Gelpi