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What are we so afraid of? - Ed Brock

On Christmas Day, 1999, I was walking along the shore of Hoan Kiem Lake in downtown Hanoi.

Former Iranian hostage speaks of patriotism

By Greg Gelpi

A stinging piece on a fascinating bug - Clay Wilson

It looked like a terribly overcooked crayfish. Actually, it looked like something out of a nightmare.

Is there no end to hate? - Greg Gelpi

Stealing pieces of flesh from dead soldiers and dangling the head of an American civilian.

Reaching into the old mailbag - Kathy Jefcoats

As a staunch defender of the First Amendment, I encourage anyone to express their opinion about whatever they want, which is why I enjoy hearing from readers. I don't care if they agree or disagree with what I have written, be it in this column or in an article. The most important point is that they are reading the newspaper and becoming more informed citizens, and exercising their own freedom of speech rights.

Six impossible things ... - R.H. Joseph

While all scuba diving trips to the Caribbean are a gas, the truly unforgettable ones are characterized by encounters with the non-existent.

Clayton State athletes hope for shot at nationals

From staff reports

Seniors ready for their next step

By Greg Gelpi

Public access offers advantages - April Avison

Debate has sparked in the legal community about whether California prosecutors were justified in setting up a Web site on the Michael Jackson case to alleviate a media frenzy.

Ghost stories from the news landfill - Zach Porter

Does anyone remember the American terrorist, fighting with the Taliban against us? Come on, do you recall, is it just on the tip of your tongue? John something right? I had to look it up myself, so I'll tell you. It's John Walker Lindh, the ersatz-Taliban fighter, the terrorist "wannabe" you forgot to hate. Lindh never caught on as a household name like his terrorist friends Osama and Saddam. And does anyone really care about Saddam now that he is captured or Osama for that matter until he finally is? Ask yourself, would it not have been so much better, so much more tantalizing had Hussein been killed in a hail of military bullets, right after American Idol, in your own living room, live on network television? We can hope and pray for at least that when they find Osama, breaking news just after the season finale of "24," live on network television!

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Fighting spam scams with spam - Rob Felt

"Thank God that I now have the privilege to contact you. May I now humbly introduce myself as I know that this mail may have reached you surprisingly. I am Eric Baadi, manager of Zenith Bank, Lagos, Nigeria. I have urgent and very confidential business proposition for you."

Mary Joyce Massengale

Mary Joyce Massengale, 71, of Griffin, died May 15, 2004, at her residence. She had lived in Jonesboro for 42 years before moving to Pike County last July. For many years she was a volunteer softball and cheerleading coach and was on the board of the JAAA Youth Sports in Jonesboro. Massengale was a member of Antioch Baptist Church in Jonesboro and attended Oak Hill Baptist Church in Griffin. She was a homemaker and was preceded in death by a son, Preston Massengale; her parents, Farris Gaines "Doc" Blount and Myrtle Chappell Blount; and two brothers, Melvin Blount and Alvin Blount.

Josie Drake

Josie Auline Creamer Drake, 95, died Saturday, May 15, 2004. She is survived by two sons, Charles Elroy (Roberta) Drake of Young Harris and Homer Larry (Beverly) Drake of Rex; four grandchildren, Jamie Drake, Joanne Bailey, Barbara Willis and Aimee Turner; seven great-grandchildren; three great-great-grandchildren; several nieces and nephews.

Locals place at state meet

From Staff Reports

Airport, TSA prep for rush

By Ed Brock

Morrow church presents ?A Jazz Vespers'

Compiled by Greg Gelpi

Final school report to be released today

By Greg Gelpi

Heavy metal and construction - Michael Davis

I recently read two stories that, at first glance, may seem unrelated.

Missing girl found safe

From staff reports

My bumper sticker knowledge - Bob Paslay

I started out to write my column this week on breaking the molds in our lives. Out of the blue drop by a friend's house, throw him or her in the car and take ?em bowling, park the car and walk those three blocks to the grocery store, savoring the pace of life. Look at me. I was a month short of 56 last December when I finally went to Europe for the first time. Read something entirely different. Eat something different. If you've never flown buy a roundtrip ticket somewhere, anywhere, and just go.

Berg a casualty of poor judgement - Tamara Boatwright

We talked about it all week long and, at first, feebly tried to find the Internet video showing Nick Berg's grisly death. Did we really want to watch it when we found it? Could I watch it?

County leaders coordinating again

By Ed Brock