Final school report to be released today

By Greg Gelpi

After a year of probation and a year of trying to get off probation, the final report will be released today.

The Southern Association of Colleges and School, which placed the Clayton County public school system on probation, will issue a report on its final review of the system.

The report will be given to an executive council at SACS, which will consider it and take a vote on June 9. The vote will determine whether to lift the probation, extend the probation or revoke accreditation.

The SACS review team that visited the school system issued an oral report of its findings last week.

According to Mark Elgart, the chief executive officer of the Council on Accreditation and School Improvement of SACS, the repot, overall, is positive. Elgart said the report found that the school system is "moving in the right direction."

He added, though, that "moving in the right direction" means that work remains to be completed.

Today's report will also include the committee's recommendation for what action should be taken.