Riverdale mother missing

By Ed Brock

Dinner was in the oven when 44-year-old Eliza Rios left for the grocery store to get a few items to finish out the meal and didn't come home.

On Saturday around 4:30 p.m. Rios, dressed in a sleeveless white T-shirt, blue jeans and yellow boats with her red hair pulled back by a white headband, went to the Food Depot at 6642 Ga. Highway 85, according to Clayton County police Detective Tom Reimers.

A videotape from the store's security camera shows her entering the store where she buys several items and then goes back out to her blue 1999 Ford Contour, still bearing a "drive-out" tag. Across the parking lot a van is parked, Clayton County police Capt. Tim Robinson said, and the video shows someone standing beside the van.

Robinson said the security camera shoots time-elapse video with four seconds between each frame.

"Four seconds after Rios gets to her car the person has crossed the parking lot," Robinson said.

In another frame it appears that there are two people by Rios' car but only the heads are visible because an SUV is blocking the view of Rios' car. Then comes the frame that concerns investigators.

"In one frame when the victim's car pulls out it looks like a person in long sleeves is driving the car," Robinson said.

Rios' shirt was sleeveless.

Her family, which includes her husband and two teen-agers, has not seen her since, though they have been passing out leaflets imploring for information.

Robinson said police do not believe Rios, who has been married for 18 years with no record of domestic abuse, is deliberately choosing to stay away.

"She doesn't fit the normal image of a missing person who leaves of their own free will," Robinson said.

Rios is 5-foot 5-inches tall and weighs around 165 pounds. Her eyes are brown.

Police are asking the public to look out for Rios or her car. Anyone with information can call Reimers at (770) 477-3608.