Business provides ease for online auctions

By Greg Gelpi

Clearing out the garage just got a little easier with the testing of a new business through Circuit City.

Circuit City of Morrow opened a business adjacent to its Mt. Zion Road location called Trading Circuit, a full-service business for selling items on eBay, the online auctioning company.

Reg Holden dropped off a bicycle Tuesday at the Trading Circuit. He recently moved in with his fianc?e, who said some of his stuff had to go.

"I would not have had time to do it on my own," Holden said of auctioning his bike off through the store.

He said that he has used eBay before as a buyer, but found it too much of a "hassle" as a seller.

According to eBay, only about 8 percent of its millions of users actually sell items through the online auction service, Jim Babb, Circuit City's manager of public relations, said. Trading Circuit taps into those millions of users and provides a one-stop shop for sellers.

"We're aware that millions have used eBay," Babb said. "You know that selling stuff is a little more difficult than buying stuff. There is a lot more steps in selling a product. (With Trading Circuit) all you do is go home and wait for the check."

The business posts the auction on eBay, checks electronic items, packages and ships items and then pays the seller.

"There's really nothing else a customer has to do," Todd Lusby, the Morrow Trading Circuit manager, said.

The business handles all aspects of the transaction, including responding to any questions potential bidders have and shipping the product once it's sold.

The Morrow location is the first in the chain of businesses, and five more Trading Circuits are scheduled to open in June, Babb said.

"I think people will appreciate working with a national brand they are familiar with and have come to trust," he said. "We feel the trust works both ways."

Sellers can trust Circuit City to collect the money, and buyers can trust the company to sell products as described, Babb said.

Customers pay 35 percent of the first $500 and 25 percent of everything more than $500, as well all eBay and PayPal fees.

"It's starting off well," Lusby said. "Our response has been really good. The customer response is really positive. They are really fired up about it."

From laptops to Hawaiian shirts, customers have brought in a variety of items to be auctioned, he said.

"We had a person who called about a Picasso," Lusby said.

The Trading Circuit is open the same hours as Circuit City, from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday to Thursday, 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. Friday and Saturday and 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Sundays.

For more information, visit www.tradingcircuit.com or call (770) 210-8331.