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Kay Frances Huffman

Kay Frances Huffman, 72, of Stockbridge, Ga., died peacefully in her sleep on Wednesday, May 26, 2004, at the home of her stepdaughter, Laraine E. Stewart, Donald A. Stewart in Phoenix, Ariz., surrounded by her loving family.

Tough luck for Sorensten in ARCA debut

By Anthony Rhoads

Blame us for high gas prices - Greg Gelpi

We think it, therefore it is.

Supersize your responsibility - Rob Felt

I don't want people to die in car crashes or develop obesity related illnesses, really.

ELHS graduate marks milestone despite ill years

By Kathy Jefcoats

Turning up the summer HEAT

By Ed Brock

Criminal genius can't be explained - April Avison

I was one of millions who tuned in to watch the CBS movie "Helter Skelter" a couple of weeks ago. It's based on the greatest true crime book of all time, and it's the story of a criminal mastermind.

The building is responsible - R.H. Joseph

How ironic that it wasn't the political activists of the 1960s that led America into anarchy, there weren't enough of them. Only the self-indulgent, disengaged masses could provide the necessary impetus.

Politicians should be public servants first - Clay Wilson

"I don't understand why anyone would run for any kind of political office," said a colleague the other day.

Help me with a punch line - Ed Brock

I think I've come up with a new joke, but I need some help with the punchline.

Candidate's signs stolen from parking lot

By Ed Brock

If not for you, then for a loved one - Tamara Boatwright

The Governor's Office of Highway Safety's program "Click It Or Ticket" kicks off today. It's something we all need to participate in, as I learned last Nov. 3.

Attorney says Reaves is innocent

By Kathy Jefcoats

Clear skies for Henry County graduates

By Clay Wilson

Eatery weighs in on diet craze - Kathy Jefcoats

Have you eaten at Ruby Tuesday lately? The restaurant, which is a favorite of my husband, started making changes to its menu at the beginning of the year to reflect the low-carb craze. Now, added to the menu are calories and fat grams. Wow, what an eye-opener.

That dirty little coward... - Bob Paslay

Reports coming out of the recent state Republican convention in Columbus paint a picture of Democratic Sen. Zell Miller's continuing effort to destroy the party that elected him to every Georgia office from governor to senator.

Helen Wiggins

Mrs. Helen Wiggins, age 87, of Jonesboro, passed away Friday, May 28, 2004.

HBO movie has ties to Jonesboro

By Tamara Boatwright

A warning for the college bound - Zach Porter

I'll bet all you graduating seniors out there think you've learned a lot in high school. You've faced many challenges and will face many more in college. Of those none will be as trying as those of you unlucky enough to have that roommate from hell, that unbathed nebulous mass of humanity that all the women of your dorm will instinctively avoid like the plague.

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