Candidate's signs stolen from parking lot

By Ed Brock

It may not be a high crime, but in an election year, campaign signs are sacred.

A Henry County commissioner said the campaign signs attached to his vehicle were stolen as it sat in the parking lot of the Administration Building while he was inside.

District III Commissioner Jason Harper, a candidate for chairman of the commission, said he was at the building for a town hall meeting and as he left, saw the signs had been removed.

But the matrix of surveillance cameras caught the suspect in the act. Henry County Police spokesman Lt. Ken Turner said he knew of the incident but no incident report was filled out. Asked if he could identify the suspect, Turner said, "I have no idea."

Turner said Deputy County manager and Public Safety Director Rob Magnaghi brought the tape to police headquarters for review.

"We reviewed the tape," Turner said. "Mr. Harper made an indication that he did not want to press charges," he added.

"You would think people wouldn't do things in the parking lot knowing it was under surveillance," Harper said Friday.

Though he declined to name the suspect, he said he got his signs back, valued at about $50, and would not press charges. "We've got better things for police to prosecute than that," he said.