News for Tuesday, November 2, 2004


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Presidential election column mad lib - Rob Felt

Tired of reading the opinions of some columnist you don't agree with? Then use this handy mad lib and rant up your very own partisan diatribe!

Online poker betrayal - Justin Boron

I threw down the plastic for an Apple iBook recently. Admittedly, I was desperate to join the Revolution. I don't have any good reasons like graphic designers and photographers have for choosing the more "user-friendly system." I was just motivated by the pathetic urge to be fashionable and was eager to ride the powerful wave of change coming out of the Jobs clan.


November 2, 2004

The horror of democracy - Ed Brock

There I sat, my hands covered in pumpkin guts, watching a documentary about President George W. Bush and the Moral Majority.

Spontaneity breeds truth - Greg Gelpi

There's a certain honesty in spontaneity.

Board tackles lay coaches, evaluation

By Greg Gelpi

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Just wondering about a few things - Bob Paslay

This close to the election, I have decided that nothing I can say

Ready or not - here they come

By Justin Boron

Commission preps airport expansion questions for future

By Justin Boron

Clayton gangs shooting at each other again

By Ed Brock

Bush nudges Kerry in mock election

By Greg Gelpi

Simple instrument: Just stand up and bail out - Zach Porter

In the past year I've had several opportunities at my job to fly in a plane for a photograph. But never have I had, or will probably have the opportunity to fly in a World War II era vintage Boeing Stearman bi-plane. On Wednesday morning I took to the skies over the Atlanta Motor Speedway in this historic plane. I even got to ride in the front seat.

?Angel Tree' application begins

By Ed Brock

Police find inmate hours after escape

By Kathy Jefcoats

Five local teams prepare to begin second season

By Jeffery Armstrong