News for Wednesday, November 24, 2004


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Each family creates its own holiday traditions - Bob Paslay

I didn't do it. I swear I didn't. But since I was such a rambunctious kid I was always a suspect. As best I remember, my brother and sisters, my younger cousin and I were sitting at the little card table eating our Thanksgiving dinner at my grandparents' house and my brother and I were constantly kidding my cousin about something and he got mad and kicked the table.

Pre-inauguration assessment - Ed Brock

True to my word, I will begin with some praise for our president re-elect.

Imagine Sherman caught in Atlanta traffic - Todd DeFeo

Thanksgiving comes and goes each year without us really thinking about its meaning, beyond being an occasion for a day off from work, getting together with family, (some we only see once a year on this day) eat a lot of things we shouldn't eat and watch several football games. I just recently returned from Mexico. I travel there twice, sometimes three times a year for business and pleasure; this time for vacation. This year, in Mexico, I had time to reflect upon the true meaning of being thankful.

Sidestepping calamity - Justin Boron

I was on the verge of total disaster just hours before I had to catch a flight to Los Angeles. I woke up to unpacked bags, none of my clothes ironed, and some strange cat I had never seen before, begging me for food.

Cracked up to be a bachelor? - Michael Davis

Being a single guy is great, right?

Man found shot dead in bed

By Ed Brock


November 24, 2004

Students experience Native American History Month

By Greg Gelpi

Pets of the Week

Connery is a 1-year-old orange and white domestic shorthair. He has been neutered and all vaccinations are current. Connery was found in a busy parking lot, dodging cars and begging for food from patrons of a nearby restaurant. For more information about Connery call the Clayton County Humane Society at (770) 471-9436. Other animals available for adoption may be seen at

Peterson jury fails Conner - Greg Gelpi

Pro-choice jurors held to their convictions, despite logic, decency and common sense.

Local guys moving up in NASCAR

By Anthony Rhoads

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The ABCs of storytelling - Zach Porter

Despite continuing forays into that cesspool of television some like to call "Reality TV," the ABC network has produced two exciting new hour-long fictional dramas with "Desperate Housewives" and "Lost." Right now these are the most exciting shows on television, trumping even the likes of HBO.

Heavy travel expected for Thanksgiving

By Ed Brock

Bray building dedicated

By Ed Brock

Mt. Zion sweeps McIntosh

By Jeffery Armstrong

NEXTEL crickets chirp madness - Rob Felt

If you've got one of these noise boxes, please read up.

System eyes magnet schools

By Greg Gelpi