Henry manager's husband set for trial in Clayton

By Michael Davis

Though charges against Henry County manager Linda Angus' husband have been dropped in Henry County, Kerry Angus will still face DUI charges in Clayton County stemming from a September 2003 arrest.

Friday, visiting Judge Robert McDuff signed a motion to dismiss the charges in Henry County and allow the case to be prosecuted by Clayton County Solicitor General Keith Martin.

Though Angus was arrested in Henry, Martin was assigned to prosecute the case after Henry County Solicitor Charles Spahos and both state court judges disqualified themselves from the case.

Linda Angus, who is leaving her post as Henry County's top appointed official Nov. 8, has direct input on the operating budgets of state court and the solicitor's office as the county manager.

Kerry Angus was arrested Sept. 24, 2003 after an off-duty Forest Park Police officer said she saw him driving erratically on I-75 southbound through Clayton County.

According to Martin's motion to drop case in Henry, and police reports from the time of the incident, the officer called police and followed Kerry Angus to just inside Henry County near the I-75 and I-675 merge, where he allegedly stopped the car in the roadway. Before Clayton and Henry officers arrived, the off-duty officer allegedly found Angus asleep inside the car.

Henry County police arrested him and charged him with DUI.

In his motion to end the Henry part of the case, Martin said the expense that would be incurred by the state to pay a visiting judge, court reporter and other costs, made it easier and more economical to prosecute in Clayton.

A hearing on several defense motions is set for Oct. 7 in Clayton County State Court and a jury trial is set for Oct. 25.