Rex woman arrested on murder charge

By Michael Davis

Police arrested a Rex woman after they found a man she alleges tried to run her over, dead behind the wheel of car still running in reverse.

Police arrested Stephanie Randall, 37, for murder after she told them she shot 30-year-old Lesmond Morris in the head as he was trying to run her over in the driveway of her Ann Marie Lane home, where she and her mother live.

When police arrived, they found Morris' car backed into a fence across the street from the home in reverse, said Clayton County Police Capt. Jeff Turner.

Police reports say Randall told police that when Morris, a former acquaintance, first appeared at the residence around 11 p.m. Friday, Randall went outside to confront him. She told police Morris had been stalking her.

"I ran inside and got the telephone and my gun and went outside while I was calling the police," Randall told police. "As he was coming toward me, I shot him," she said.

But as the car was found stopped in reverse, police believed Morris was backing away when he was gunned down.

"What she should've done if the guy was posing a threat, she should've stayed in the house and called police and let police handle it," Tuner said. If Morris had been trying to enter the house when Randall shot him, Turner said, there might be a legitimate self-defense claim.

"Now she's been charged with murder and someone's lost his life," he added.

Police knew little about Morris Sunday. Turner said police aren't sure where he lived, but he did have a violent criminal history.

Randall was still in the Clayton County jail after a first appearance hearing Sunday.