Board fills senior positions

By Greg Gelpi

Despite what one school board member called "flaws" in some of Superintendent Barbara Pulliam's recommendations, the board approved filling nine senior administrative positions Monday night.

The Clayton County Board of Education approved six of the positions in 8-0 votes with board member Linda Crummy absent, but three board members abstained from voting on three of the recommendations. Those positions were approved 5-0.

Chairwoman Nedra Ware and board members Connie Kitchens and Carol Kellam abstained from the votes, but Ware stated that it was "nothing personal."

Despite the abstentions, the board approved William Greene to be executive director for teaching and learning pre-kindergarten through 12th grade, Janice B. Davis to be assistant superintendent for elementary schools and Deborah Bass to be assistant superintendent for teaching and learning preschool to college.

Board members were "privy to some information" that indicated there were "flaws" in the recommendations, Ware said, adding that the candidates for the positions are fine people.

Greene had served as director of secondary social studies, Davis was director of federal programs and Bass was the director of elementary education.

The board also approved Shonda Shaw as coordinator for secondary language arts, reading, and foreign language. She had been an assistant principal at Kendrick Middle School.

Tracy DiSario, a teacher at River's Edge Elementary, was named the coordinator for elementary mathematics.

Regina Traylor, lead special education teacher at the Morrow Annex, was approved to be the coordinator of special education for elementary mild disabilities, special needs preschool, special needs kindergarten and autism.

The board also named Angela Horrison-Collier the coordinator of special education high school mild disabilities, K-12 sensory impairment. She had served as a teacher at Forest Park High School.

Although not originally on the agenda, the board added action items to fill interim positions for chief financial officer and principal of Adamson Middle School.

The board accepted Pulliam's recommendations for Morrow High School Assistant Principal Douglas Hendrix to be Adamson's principal and Viola Darrington, the system's coordinator of auditing, to be chief financial officer.

The board filled positions which had become vacant as well as positions created by the school system's reorganization plan.

The plan calls for splitting the school system into two branches: an academic branch and an operations branch. The new organizational chart cut three positions and created six. By funding the new positions through grant money, the school system stands to save $1.2 million through the plan.