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October 11, 2004

Gambling on almost nothing - Justin Boron

It's Halloween year around at my apartment building.

Taking a chance with your life - Kathy Jefcoats

I believe in physical exercise just as much as anyone else but I don't think it is safe to jog, walk or ride a bike along Jonesboro Road during morning rush hour. It may not be safe at any time during the day but certainly it is not in the morning with commuters and school bus drivers fighting each other for every bit of available road space.

You can get anything you want - Rob Felt

You can get anything you want – not at Alice's Restaurant, at the Chinese buffet.

It may be rock 'n' roll, I still don't like it - Michael Davis

Whenever I hear The Who on the radio, I expect a car commercial. Whenever I hear the Rolling Stones, a TV commercial. Make it stop!

Lessons learned from an old friend - April Avison

After having a few beers one night, an old friend and I got into a wildly intelligent discussion.

Kendrick Middle student, mom charged in gun incident

By Bob Paslay

Well ... here I go again - Ed Brock

Well, I'm leaving the country.

The view from an old codger - Bob Paslay

At the risk of being accused of flip-flopping, I think my opinion has changed greatly about the kid in Henry County who has been ordered to take all the metal out of his face because it is distracting.

Living life in the past - Todd Defeo

More than once, I've been told, "You were born a century too late." And quite frankly, I think it's a valid statement.

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?Primitive weapons' require caution

By Ed Brock

Local official looks for transit perspectives

By Justin Boron

Board to evaluate Pulliam in November

By Greg Gelpi

Vinegar and oil at AMS

From staff reports

Who's the winner? Not us? - Greg Gelpi

Who won? Certainly, not me. Certainly, not you.

Lady Cardinals hopes are heard Lowry and clear

By Anthony Rhoads

SACS visits Clayton County schools

By Greg Gelpi