Oh say can you Seay

By Justin Boron

In Riverdale, putting up a photograph is more than just hammering in a nail and hanging it.

At a recent work session, Council member Kenny Ruffin made a bureaucratic question out of a picture of state Senator Valencia Seay.

The City Council discussed whether it could be placed in council chambers at the meeting.

None of the council members said they opposed the picture.

But Council member Rick Scoggins said the city should move with caution and use its discretion before placing just any photo on the wall.

"I just don't want to get bombarded with everybody's picture going on the wall," he said.

With three years experience on the council, Council member Wanda Wallace said the formal proposal for the picture was the first in her tenure.

Having experienced friction in the past, opening up the picture proposal for discussion was a move toward political correctness, Scoggins said.

The decision to place or not to place the picture could have been left to the city manager, said Council member Michelle Bruce.

"I don't see why you would put it up there to discuss it," she said. "I don't think it was critical to be on the agenda."

The picture question stems from an observation made by Seay, said City Manager Iris Jessie.

Upon seeing U.S. Rep. David Scott's in council chambers, she asked why her picture wasn't present as well, Jessie said.

Although future picture issues may require a similar amount of discussion, the council can proceed uninhibited by the law since there is no state prohibition against placing a picture of a state representative in municipal facilities, said Russ Willard, the spokesperson for the attorney general.