Argument between two friends leads to killing

By Justin Boron

A late night video game binge between two friends led to an altercation early Thursday morning that left one person dead on the side of his house and another charged with using a jack stand to commit murder, a Clayton County police official said.

Josh Cook, 23, and Adrian Taylor, 18, were best friends, family members said. But the relationship disintegrated sometime between 5 a.m. and 6 a.m. when Capt. Tim Robinson said Taylor left Cook's house just outside of Forest Park and returned with a jack stand, striking the head of his longtime friend.

Taylor claims that Cook inflamed his temper through sexual advances, Robinson said.

"He said he went home and the more he thought about it, the madder he got," Robinson said.

Police received the 911 call just after 6 a.m. from Taylor, who admitted to the killing over the phone, Robinson said.

Taylor's demeanor on the tape could be considered calm, he said.

Cook was found outside of his house near a cord investigators believe Taylor used to drag the body, he said.

Once in custody, Taylor went into interrogations cooperatively without retaining legal counsel, Robinson said.

Meanwhile, Taylor's family sifted in and out of their home throughout the day, nervously smoking cigarettes just down the road from the crime scene.

"Josh was my best friend, with all this I can't even think straight," said Taylor's cousin, Timothy Johnson.

Johnson insists that series of events laid out by the police had to be inaccurate.

"It has to be a big accident," he said, adding that Cook was the one who had a history of losing his temper.

Emotions of the Taylor's family piqued when a neighbor walked into their yard and informed them that Adrian had just called her to say he was charged with murder.

Johnson exhaled a sigh of disbelief, refusing to accept the "cold blooded" depiction he said police were assigning to his brother.

The neighbor, who wouldn't give her name, said her phone line was the only way for Taylor to reach his family because they had no phone line in their own home.

Attempts to reach Cook's mother, Mary Esposito, were unsuccessful. Her published telephone number was disconnected.

Taylor will make his first court appearance today at 10 a.m.