Robbery ends in fatal wreck

By Greg Gelpi

An armed robbery ended with a police chase and fatal car wreck and two suspects dead.

Duronta Brown, 17, of College Park survived the wreck, but two unidentified suspects in the car did not. The chase began in Clayton County after an aggravated robbery.

"Three guys I had never seen, I don't even know bum rushed me," Travoski Lee, 22, said.

Lee followed his "routine" early Thursday, entered his Jonesboro apartment briefly to wash a few dishes and was attacked before he could leave again.

"I was going to come in and turn right back around," he said.

The men beat Lee and pinned him to the ground, he said.

"One guy said he'd shoot me," Lee said. "Another put a sharp object or a knife to my throat and said he'd kill me. I was just praying I wouldn't be killed."

Tying him up with electrical cord and covering his eyes with a towel, the suspects stole compact discs, a CD player, DVDs and a DVD player and fled in his black 1997 Chevy Cavalier, he said.

With his eyes covered, Lee couldn't see much, he said. The sink was running, though, and kitchen knives were in the sink and appeared to be washed clean.

About 10 minutes later, police spotted the stolen car and a chase ensued, Clayton County police Capt. Jeff Turner said.

Speeds exceeded 80 mph on Interstate 75, Turner said, and two Clayton County police cars were rammed when officers tried to box in the fleeing car. The officers were uninjured, and the cars had only minor damage.

The chase ended when the suspect lost control and crashed in downtown Atlanta. Two of the suspects in the vehicle died immediately.

Brown was hospitalized at Grady Hospital, where Atlanta police waited to take him into custody.

Clayton County police filed armed robbery and aggravated assault charges against Brown.

Lee suffered cuts to his hand, head and face; a contusion to his head and a "busted" lip.

"I was always raised and taught to wish no bad luck on anyone, and I wish no bad luck on anyone, but God takes care of his children," Lee said. "I wouldn't say that I'm happy that they were killed, but they got what was coming to them."

Lee crawled to the door and managed to cut himself loose. Bleeding from the cuts, he went to a neighbor's apartment and had the police called.