Christmas and Easter baseball fan - Rob Felt

Postseason baseball is here, so I'm a fan again.

I can admit it. I don't watch a lick of baseball during the regular season, but when October rolls around you'd think I had season tickets.

During the long and grueling summer I keep track of the general baseball trends – who's hot, Cinderella stories in the making and teams in tight pennant races. My sports info comes from the micro highlights on CNN Headline News, and to be honest that's all I need.

October baseball has been slightly watered-down by the addition in recent years of the divisional series. As evidence of my childhood baseball roots, I don't watch these games either. I know, I know – they count as playoffs now, but not to me. Four teams are the max for baseball excitement, no more.

My hometown Cleveland Indians are a few years removed from World Series contention, and the years after they finally had talent, and when I still lived in Cleveland, were fantastic. I had the chance to see several postseason games at Jacob's Field, and I can testify to how different that experience is than your average Sunday afternoon at the ballpark.

What keeps me interested now? The Indians are a decent ball club at best, and hundreds of miles away. As a transplant, the Braves don't light my fire either, sorry.

It's disdain. Raw and pure disdain for the New York Yankees.

They're easy to hate; you have to admit it even if you somehow like them. Too many championships, too much gushy legacy and too much cash flowing on the payroll. How can you loose with a budget that big?

Several weeks ago I wrote about the historic beat-down of the Yankees by the Indians during a 22-0 baseball party. Hopefully that won't be the lowlight of the Yankees season. Hopefully they'll lose Game 7 to the Red Sox, and get what's coming to them from last year.

Curt Schilling said he'd like nothing better than to make 55,000 New Yorkers shut up. Unfortunately, they shut him up Tuesday night and Boston's late inning comeback wasn't enough.

By the time you read this Game 2 will have been played, and if the Yankees won again then I'll really be in high gear. I'll be the No. 1 fan on the planet.

The formula at this point in my life is this. My level of interest is directly proportional to the Yankees success. As soon as they're out, my intensity goes down. Sure, I'll watch the Red Sox in the World Series, and I'd like them to win, but if they beat New York they'll have done the most important work.

I guess I'm more of an anti-Yankee than a baseball fan at this point, but I do like a good game. I want the series to go seven games, and I want to watch every minute of it.

Rob Felt is the photographer for the Daily Herald. He can be reached at (770) 957-9161 or rfelt@henryherald.com .