Turnover continues in school system

By Greg Gelpi

The rotating door of Clayton County schools administrative positions continues.

The most recent departures only add to the list of departures in recent months.

A wave of departures and retirements hit the school system in May and administrators continue to leave.

The school system named Claire Boyce principal of Forest Park High School in August and replaced her earlier this month, less than two months after being named to the position. The school system refuses to discuss personnel matters and thus gave no reason for the removal.

Bill Horton, who served as acting deputy superintendent under interim Superintendent William Chavis, announced his retirement from the school system.

"A lot of factors are coming together to make it a good time," Horton said.

Pulliam moved Horton to principal of East Clayton Elementary School when she took over the system in February.

It was just the right time to leave, he said, explaining that it's financially best to retire now because of how the school retirement system works.

After 37 years in the school system, he wants to take some time off, although he has "toyed" with the idea of starting a poultry farm.

"I may not do anything for a few months," Horton said. "It pleases my wife because she's been after me to retire. If there's one person in the world you listen to, it's your wife."

Chief Financial Officer Lee Davis left the school system after 15 years to work in the finance department of another school system.

Douglas Hendrix was named the interim principal of Adamson Middle School at the October meeting of the Clayton County Board of Education.

The departures come on the heels of other senior administrators leaving.

In June, the system hired Charles White to be the coordinator of public affairs and community development. Lynda Daniel was named principal of Harper Elementary School. Brenda Grier was placed as principal of Kemp Primary School. The system put Beverly Garner as principal of Kendrick Middle School. Cindy Brictson was named principal at Smith Elementary School.

As of May, four assistant superintendents announced their departures, along with a number of other senior level positions, since the start of the year.

Judy Johnston, assistant superintendent of secondary curriculum and instruction, left the school system to be the assistant principal of Cotton Indian Elementary School, a school in the Henry County school system.

Assistant Superintendent for Personnel Ed Scott retired along with fellow members of the personnel department, Director of Certified Personnel Bill Bibby and Director of Classified Personnel Diana Forbes.

John Ramage, assistant superintendent of facilities, construction and purchasing, retired in April and Ronnie Blake, assistant superintendent of auxiliary services, announced his retirement shortly afterward.

Coordinator of Elementary Math Laura Grimwade also left the school system.